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Human Metabolism during Fasting – Phases I to V

I’ve found this post done by Cristi Vlad wich I found it really interesting. Here some information about the author: Cristi Vlad holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Civil Engineering. He did not profess in the field yet. He got absorbed into self-experimentation and writing books about the details of his experiments. More, on […]

Artcava 100% Xarel·lo Chicken with a gift

I learn this recipe from my sister who had take it from my mom, who had learn it from my grand mother… so this is quite and old recipe but before my sister was without Cava, so she added the lovely sparkling and then the recipe gets a beautiful twist. My way has been transform […]

Fideuà (Noodle Paella)

Another dish done in the “Paellera”. The famous Fideuà (Noodle Paella) or Fideuada. From the city of Gandia, this dish is absolutely amazing and so simple to prepare. Basic ingredients and patience as good food demands!!! Serve it always with allioli. Enjoy it!!! Ingredients Number of Servings 4 400 gr. of nº2 fideo noodles 1 cuttlefish 8 prawns 1 medium […]

Fig jam and chocolate sticky buns

During my learning process I like to try the recipes that I learn from the best chefs. I watch them cooking on TV, I search the recipe and then I try it but changing some of the ingredients to adapt it to my taste. That’s what I have done with that recipe from Annabel Langbein, […]

Spanish omelette (Truita de patates)

That’s what I call a Classic!!! Spanish omelette or as we say “Truita de patata i ceba”. It’s one of those simple and perfect recipes that, just taking care choosing the best ingredients possible, the success is assured. Ingredients Number of Servings 1 medium size omelette. 3-4 servings. 3 big potatoes 2 big onions 5 eggs olive oil extra virgin salt […]

Ajoblanco with sour apple “Granny Smith”

Ajoblanco or ajo blanco is a popular Spanish cold soup typical from Granada and Málaga. This dish is made of bread, almonds, garlic, water, olive oil, salt and vinegar. In that version I add some sour apple to add an extra fresh touch. Ingredients Number of Servings 4-6 100 gr. blanched almonds 1 bunch of breadcrumbs. Better if […]

Shellfish Paella. My Mom Style (arròs)

  I always say that there are as many styles of prepare a paella as mothers or cooks. And all those versions are right. The “traditional” paella is that one, but… what to say to a nice shellfish paella? Here you can find my way to cook it… I learned it from my mother, but […]

Traditional Paella Valenciana

Today I’ve learned how to prepare the traditional Paella Valenciana. Toñi, from Valencia with the help of Miguel, her fiancé, showed us how to cook it. The cooking simplicity, the quality of the humble ingredients and the correct use of time, helps to create a fantastic and tasty rice dish. Ingredients Number of Servings 8 800 gr. rice […]

Rozellas with suicidal tendences!!!

Una de les coses que més m’estan sorprenent aquí, es veure com alguns ocells, tot i que majoritàriament lloros, s’estavellen regularment contra els vidres de les portes i les finestres. En dos mesos he pogut “patir-ho” personalment tres o quatre vegades, i la veritat es que t’emportes un bon esglai. Imaginat treballant concentrat davant l’ordinador, […]