tourguide-ramon_masipIs not just about how many things you know, but the way you tell the story…

Communication has always come easy for me. That’s why I decided to study Public Relations at The College of Public Relations in Barcelona in the 90′s. I became a web designer and worked on several web-based projects related to tourism and became more and more enthralled with that world. In 2005, I founded Infocket, a company specializing in tourism and mobility. My company also developed Synctur, a platform for distributing tourism related content via mobile devices. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn have been useful tools to promote the projects that I have been involved in.

But more than the purely technical side, tourism has an emotional aspect and that’s the part that makes the difference between a good product and a great experience. Knowing the product, explaining it with passion, listening to your visitors, interacting with them and making them part of the experience, knowing the local language and being able to convey the values and knowledge of a place and its history and bringing all that to life – that’s what makes it real.

Working in tourism, or with a tourism product, goes beyond the mere story narrated during a guided tour. Given my specialised web experience, I can provide ideas, solutions and improvements that will impact positively on the tourist experience and ensures that customers not only remember fondly but enthusiastically share their experience with others. This helps to build an active community that I can assist you to nurture and strengthen, revitalize, grow and promote.

Thanks to my unique experience and personality, I can bring much more to your business, generating an intangible value that will enhance your company’s ability to really connect with your customers in a way that makes their tour experience truly enriching, memorable and get them coming back for more.

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